Check out our travel experiences, tips and guide in China. From Shenzhen to Guangzhou, we traveled by train to Zhangjiajie via Changsha. We also reach Furongzhen and Feng Huang towns in Hunan. The second time we went back to China is from Kunming in Yunnan Province. We took a sleeper train to Dali up to the old town of Lijiang. Our final destination was Shangri La in the county of Deqen. We also traveled to Hong Kong and Macau cities.

China is a very large tourist country with plenty of attractions, scenic, cultural and historical sites. We traveled across China and we’d like to share our travel experiences to fellow travelers and to people who is looking for travel guide and tips on how to make your travel in China splendid and enjoyable.

We are also planning to visit major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xian and Chengdu. Also in the pipeline is the Silk road and Lhasa in Tibet.

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