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Where to watch Live Filipino Band Performance in Vietnam?

Filipino Band live performance in Hard Rock Cafe Asiana, Saigon

You can find many Filipino Bands playing live at cafes, restaurants, and bars. They also present in some big events such as Heineken, Tiger and Sapporo beer party.

Live Performance at Hard Rock Cafe, Saigon

This Filipino Band really rocked our night! Unlike other bars around Vietnam, Hard Rock simply one of the best. You won’t get bored of their performances, the live music were absolutely sensational!

Singing while dancing is not easy. Hard Rock Cafe had the right choice of entertaining the audience. Note that they have an event every day. You can go watch live band for free and drinks starts from 30k vnd, not bad!


This was their last Sunday performance (November 14, 2016). Source: Hard Rock Cafe Saigon

Most Wanted Band Live Perfomance at Saloon Bar

How much do these guys earn?

I’ll tell you a story, I was at a company event in Ho Chi Minh City. I got the chance to talk to my fellow countrymen about this kind of freelancing. Most of them do this after work, in Filipino term, we called this “Raket” or moonlighting job.

Mostly, the band is composed of 3 to 5 members where they can earn 15 to 40 million vnd per night. Some bands can do two rakets per night! Can you imagine how much they can earn in just one single day! The demand for them in Vietnam is huge, especially if they sing good and can make the crowd enjoyed and entertained.

If I only had a golden voice, I would really love this job!

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