Applying Tourist Visa Japan The Philippines

Japan Tourist Visa complete requirements for Filipinos (Philippine Passport Holders)

Know the complete dossier you need for high chances of approval in applying for Japan visa.
Philippine Passport is now valid for 10 years


All documents must be original unless otherwise stated.

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1. Philippine Passport

  • Broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted.  Must be valid 6 months prior to travel date. Must have a signature and have at least two (2) blank pages.

2. Visa Application Form – A4 size

  • Completely filled out and signed
  • Put application date
  • Put N/A in all spaces that are not applicable especially on page
  • Complete the Hotel Name/Address/Contact Details and Name of Airline
  • No erasures

3. Photo

  • Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background
  • Photo must be attached in the application form
  • Pixilated, Significantly low-resolution photos taken by digital cameras will not be accepted

*Birth Certificate  of  applicant  –  NSO  Original  (please  refer  to  the  “Additional Requirement” if Birth Certificate is Late Registration or Non-Record or Unreadable)

*Marriage Certificate – NSO Original (if the applicant is married)

*(4 and 5 must be from NSO main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide) issued within one (1) year). In the case of non-record, you must submit a certificate of non-record together with the one from the Local Civil Registrar.


If the applicant has a passport (old or valid) with a used Japanese visa


  • If Birth Certificate from NSO is  unreadable, or
  • If there is  no record in NSO, (in addition to “Certificate of Non-Record” from NSO Headquarter)


If Birth Certificate (NSO) is “Late Registration

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • School Record (Form 137)

Please indicate complete address and land line (telephone, if applicable) of the church in the baptismal certificate, and of the school in school record.

4. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO)

5. Personal Bank Certificate

(Original – valid at least 2 months upon issuance).

  • For Foreign National – photocopy of bank statement with contact details if the account is outside the Phils.

6. Income Tax Return (Form 2316/ 1700/ 1701/ 1702)

–  original and photocopy in A4 paper.

  • A copy of DTI / SEC if the applicant is submitting the company ITR.
  • Of Guarantor – FOR SPONSORED TRIPS

i. Include the SEC of company if submitting the company ITR

  • Explanation letter if the applicant cannot submit due to the following reason:

i. If the applicant has no Guarantor but will submit Bank Certificate

a) Retired

b) Housewife

c) Senior Citizen

d) Others

ii. If the applicant is an OFW.

7. Signed Guarantee Letter

–  (for individual applicants), if applicant/s cannot provide the financial documents (Bank Certificate & ITR).

The guarantor can be:

  • Parent (either Father or Mother) – if travelling with minors or unemployed children
  • Husband or Wife – if one of them is not submitting financial documents
  • Immediate Relative – if the applicant is a Senior Citizen and will not be able submit financial documents
  • Company – for sponsored/incentive trips
  • Fiancée

8. Affidavit of Discrepancy

–  if there is a problem with the spelling of names or birth dates in the Birth Certificate and Passport.

9. Photocopy of passport’s Bio page

–  or any Gov’t issued ID and Visa page (if available).

  • if Guarantor is not an applicant

10. Copy of I-CARD or AEP– For Foreign National

–  or Passport copy if the Guarantor is a Foreign National.

11. Authorization Letter and a copy of Valid ID

–  if one of the applicants cannot personally come to file their visa applications.
Please Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she meets the requirements for the grant of a visa. Submission of any supporting documents not listed above is encouraged (e.g. applicant’s economic or social ties with the Philippines, urgent reasons for visit: medical certificate, wedding invitation

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