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Direct bus route from Ayala Avenue in Makati to BGC Taguig and vice versa

You’re probably searching why there isn’t even one single bus or jeep route from Ayala Avenue going straight to BGC in Taguig. I was asking that same question too! I have seen no article or news or sources as to why there is no route between the two.

I wrote this article after checking the map of Makati Subway and again, no stations between Ayala Avenue to BGC!

So my perceptions are:

  1. Foot traffic. At the moment, the only way to commute from anywhere in Ayala Avenue to BGC is to take a bus and drop at Rustans, then do a marathon through the belt of shopping malls owned by the Ayalas. So if you can control the foot traffic by not having a direct route from Ayala to BGC in Taguig, I would do the same, but I’m not sure what leverage do I have over the regulators to prevent that.
  2. Control.  Note that BCDA has partnered with Ayala Corporation to develop Fort Bonifacio from a military camp to a world class global city, thus a control over BGC’s urban planning and development including its public transportation such as the BGC Bus.
  3. Location. BGC and Ayala CBD is two of the biggest financial districts in the Philippines and Ayala Center that houses shopping malls and a soon to open transport hub can be a central terminal or a meeting point for both CBDs and it makes sense for public transportation to stop at the central terminal for passengers to do the transfers. But I do hope things will improve once One Ayala Transport Hub opens.
  4. Ugly Public Transport. BGC is a following a world class standard of urban living, it means its public transportation must be tip top, which is good. With that reason I have in mind, you can’t have these old smoke belching buses ply through the beautiful streets and avenues of BGC. But why can’t BGC Bus extend its route to Makati Post Office via Ayala Avenue? Is it because the bus is named BGC? Regulatory issues?
  5. Low Demand. It is a possibility, I can’t remove this from the equation. But I still think many residents from Pembo-Pateros area are working in Makati CBD.
  6. Makati Subway. Building stations along Ayala Avenue can be very challenging, it is tight and busy, I’d rather not do it. But having a station in Ayala Triangle Gardens atleast would be great!

Those are my perceptions only. I don’t really know why there is no route from the stretch of Ayala Avenue to BGC, or maybe there is, I am just not aware, so please comment down to help me out and the readers about it. If not, is there a way we can ask DOTR, LTFRB to have this route available for commuters? Otherwise, let’s continue doing the daily marathon when this pandemic is over.

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