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Appeal your denied Japan Tourist Visa

Frequent questions and answers to denied visa applicants.

You can go to Japan Immigration Department to lodge an appeal. You will need to write the reasons why your case needs to be heard and provide pieces of evidence that support your explanation letter.

The immigration officers will review your evidence and decide whether your application should be heard and go on back to the normal process.

Note that you can only lodge an appeal if your visa application was applied onshore. Tourist visas in most cases cannot lodge an appeal but you can reapply after six months.

1. What will happen if I reapply within the six-month period from the time it was rejected?
According to Japan’s Foreign Affair’s website, your visa will be denied if your previous visa application was rejected and you reapply to visit Japan for the same purpose within six months from the rejection. This is because the circumstances of the applicant would not change and that the result of examination would be the same.

2. Can I apply within six months from the rejection but with a different purpose?
You can definitely apply again with different purpose. This time, make sure to submit proper documents to avoid visa denial. In most cases, denied applicants can still get a visa by applying a different purpose of travel such as with guarantor letter or travel for humanitarian reasons.

3. I applied for my visa in Dubai but was denied, can I reapply immediately or appeal to Japan Embassy in the Philippines?
According to Reli and Rajah Travel and Tours, Visa Policy will be the same, you won’t be able to appeal or reapply in the Philippines within six months from the date your visa is denied, whether it was applied in the Dubai, Riyadh or anywhere else.

Friendship Travel and Tours, in this case, accepted a refused application from overseas, got approved without waiting for 6 months. The agency also accepted an applicant who’s denied by Japan Embassy in Manila, by providing supporting documents, got approved without waiting for 6 months.

You may consult the nearest Embassy or Consulate if you think you need more detailed advice about your case. In the Philippines, you can visit the nearest accredited agencies where you plan to apply for the visa before making the application.

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Mark Adelan


  • Hi guys just want to share my experience recently. I applied for a tourist Visa last month at Attic Tours SM North. They did not include my COE and they accepted my bank cert with only 60k for 8days stay in Japan. After 2 days i got the result it was denied. It was devastating coz I already purchased my plane ticket for august trip. I decided to reapply with different purpose, to Visit a Friend since im going to visit my Filipino boyfriend working there.

    I completed all the requirements (docs from my boyfriend), included my COE, approved leave, flight itinerary, hotel booking, etc. and submitted 2 bank certs (about 200k+ total). I applied at UHI Dusit Makati last week they accepted my reapplication. They are very accommodating. I even went to padre pio and quiapo church to pray for my visa approval. Luckily, I got my Visa after 2 days and it was approved.

    Hope this helps for those who got their toursit Visa denied.

    • Hi May!

      I have a same case with you, I also applied our tourist visa with Attic tours at SM North Edsa (my son and I), I applied last July 10 and after 2 days it was denied. This is really heartbreaking, I already have my plane ticket and hotel bookings this coming August. The reason of our visit is to celebrate my son’s 2nd birthday there with my husband who is an OFW there in Japan. They also accepted my 60k bank cert for a 5 days stay and they instructed me to make a cover letter explaining that we will celebrate our son’s birthday there with my husband.

      I think I have submitted everything, I also included my visa in Australia last 2016.
      Can I also reapply for a different purpose? Since my husband is an OFW there, should I apply for a Visit relative?

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience, this really helps!
      God Bless you and Enjoy your trip!

    • Hello good day!
      Can someone help me, my fiance and I are planning to have our honeymoon in Japan. We are looking forward of this trip as this will also be our birthday presents for each other. I applied at reli tours dusit this month for our 8 days Tokyo tour and got denied. I initially applied with tourist visa with no guarantor (with COE, ITR, bank cert, round trip tickets and hotel bookings). We were so devastated when I got denied since my fiance have multiple visa. Me and my fiance were very eager to appeal and apply again since we already have booked flight tickets. This month we are going to try to apply again in other Travel agency whom I called if they accept scenarios like mine. This time I will apply with guarantor with letter of appeal and supporting documents like marriage license, wedding invitation that proves that I don’t have any intention to work there just for our honeymoon. There is no guarantee for this but we can try one again our chances.

      • Hello! Same case here. My boyfriend’s visa application too got denied but mine was approved. So devastating since we already have our plane tickets and hotel bookings. We are planning to reapply next week, just a week after our denial. Regarding your letter, are you going to include that you already have applied and got denied? Hoping for your response. Thanks!

    • Hi ma’am May.. same case din po.. na deny po kmi ng sister ko sa RELI SM megamall as tourist visa.. nag reapply po kami sa UHI last week, visit relative visa naman po since nsa Japan ung brother ko. Pero hndi cya nag guarantor smen. May mga bank cert naman kami individually. Kasama namin ung aunt ko this time. may chance kaya na ma reconsider ung visa namin? We already bought RT ticket and sa Oct.29 na ung flight sana namin. Bothered na kmi at kinakabahan. May chance kaya ma reconsider visa namin?

  • Hi Mark,
    How can I appeal for my application? My visa got denied yesterday and it was my second time. I applied for the same reason but I just applied for four days unlike before. I also got my job and bank. I wanna appeal but I don’t know how. Thanks in advance.


    • hi Miaka,

      May I know if you did re-appeal and how did you do it? Because my friend and I applied for a visa, she got denied, but I got mine. We planned to go together and booked our flight together. We wanted to re-appeal for her but we don’t know how to go about it. Thanks to hear from you.

  • May tanong lang po sana ako
    January 24 2019 na denied po ako (without guarantor)

    Then i asked descover travel tours in makati which i applied visa na nadenied if i can re-apply again sgot sken pwede daw kung with guarantor naman na so i applied april 5 sa friendship tours naman sa dusit thani
    Then my application was terminated kc dw wla pang 6months after na denied

    Then today as of july 25
    From jan. Until up to today pang 6 months na
    My question po eh, from the time na na terminated ung application q po b e need ule ng 6 months waiting ? From april to october po ba ule ?

    • maam, may mga binago at inadd po ba kaung documents nung nag re apply po kau? meron din po ba kaung ginawang cover letter nung nag re apply po kayo?

      thank you po

    • Same purpose po ba nung second application mo? Kasi ang alam ko, pag nagreapply pero same purpose ng first application, denied talaga yan. You can apply pa din pero try different purpose like visit a friend/relative.

    • HI Mary, sa 3rd time re apply mo ng visa wag mo iexatly ng 6 months lagyan mo ng allowance if October mag 6 months November or December ka magapply and yung show money mo dagdagan mo bsta kumpleto requirements mo at pray klng lagi maaprove yan, gnyan din ako nadeny ako last year then nagreapply ako after 10 months naapproved nman at multiple pa.

  • Hello everyone
    I am really sorry for my English
    Guys it’s quite long story but I really need your help
    My problem is: I have denied Japanese visa several times.
    My whole family have been living in Japan. Mon, dad and sisters it’s been almost 11 years my dad visa labour visa (he is a cook). I got a dependent visa in 2012. (3 years visa) then I went to Japan and after 3 months back to my country for my higher study. I used to go to Japan for only re-new my visa. I got 1 year visa then and again back to my country on 3rd time I got again 1 year visa but in 4th time they denied my visa on dependent. The reason was not staying so long in Japan. The I again applied on dependent visa saying I will stay here continue and they rejected by saying go to your country and after graduated you can come in Japan on student visa then I came to my study after graduated again applied for student visa. The rejected me it was 2019 April on Tokyo by saying you hadn’t show the previous details about visiting Japan. And in this session Tokyo immigration rejection all the student expect china. After rejected visa 3 months later I apply for tourist visa by sponsor of my dad. Reason of visiting was to visit family. Then it her process they called me and ask for my bank statement then I couldn’t show enough balance because I thought I didn’t need to show statement then again visa was rejected. Now I really want to go Japan my planed was after finished my graduation I will stay with my family in Japan but my visa denied almost 4th times which are 2 times in dependent visa 1 time student and 1 time tourist visa.
    Now my question is how many times can I apply for Japanese visa…? How many maxi times can I apply visa…?
    What would be the best way to enter in Japan..?
    Note_ I am 24 years old now. When I got Japanese dependent visa I was 16 years old and they rejected by Japanese visa when I was 21 years old/
    I don’t know why they are treating me like I am a criminal …./

  • Hi there

    I got my (single entry) visa approved but wasnt able to really use it. What will be the chances that i’ll get approved if i apply again?

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