Applying Tourist Visa Japan The Philippines Visa Requirements

Japan Tourist Visa Application for OFW, Filipinos outside the Philippines

The Japanese Consulate or Embassy in Vietnam accepts tourist visa applications for foreign nationals including OFWs or Filipinos traveling, working or residing in Vietnam.

My post about Japan Visa Application in the Philippines mostly have the same requirements except for working documents in Vietnam such as working permit or residence card or valid visa.

Things you need to submit:

  • Passport – and xerox copy of your passport’s bio page
  • Photo – 4.5 x 4.5 cm size recent photo with white background
  • Visa Application Form – do not leave blank spaces. Write N/A instead.
  • Birth Certificate – in some countries like UAE
  • Itinerary in Japan
  • Bank Certificate  – 3 months bank statement
  • Work Permit (certified copy) – they ask this in some countries.
  • Working Visa or Temporary Residence Card (certified copy) – do not apply if you don’t have a business or working visa. If you will submit a labor contract and work permits using a Tourist Visa, you are presenting yourself as an illegal worker in the eyes of Japanese immigration officers. In some countries, a valid working or business visa will do.
  • Employment Contract – certified copy

Tips to get approved of Japan Tourist Visa Application

Things to note when applying for a visa:
If one document is missing, don’t expect them to call you back. You will not be getting your visa or your application will be denied, instantly!

Tourist Visa Fees

Applying for Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines is gratis. However, the embassy only accepts bulk applications from accredited agencies and service charge are ranging from 800 to 3,500 pesos in different cases.

Dubai UAE

The Embassy of Japan in Abu Dhabi issue visas to Filipinos living or registered residence of Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain. OFWs in Dubai and the rest of UAE can apply at the Consulate in Dubai.

(Currency: UAE Dirhams)
Source: Japanese Embassy in United Arab Emirates

Philippine Passport Holder
Philippine Passport Holder        180.00

Vietnam (Southeast Asia)

Applying tourist visa in Vietnam might be harder compared to other countries. Here, you will need to wait for hours just to get inside the consulate or embassy. Some people need to come back the next day since the consulate only accept application until noon.

(Currency: Vietnamese Dong)
Source: Japanese Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City

Indian nationals
Indian nationals
Indian nationals

Submit your application

Unlike in the Philippines, we can just hop on to one of the accredited agencies of the Japanese Embassy in Manila. In Vietnam for example, you will need to queue outside the consulate or embassy to pay and submit your application.

Time for a visa submission for most of the Japanese Consulates and Embassies is from 8:30 to 11:30 am every day from Monday to Friday. Receipts will be issued after submission. The records review usually takes 5 working days. Depending on the purpose of entry, the embassy might require additional documents needed. If necessary, the consulate will invite you for an interview and the visa processing time might take longer than 5 days.

To know more about applying tourist visa to Japan, it is recommended to call your nearest consulate or embassy if information about consular services does not exist on their website.

Have you applied before? Feel free to leave your experience below.

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  • Hello. I’m currently working here in Riyadh as a nurse. Is it easy to apply for japan visa here in Riyadh KSA? Just want to spend my vacation in Japan for 6-7days only.

  • hi we are planning to apply for a japan visa as family, do we need to go to an agency here in HCMC or we can apply directly? also did you specifically applied for a multiple entry visa or just single entry visa and was approved with a multiple entry visa? plus can i one representative of the family apply for the whole? definitely my husband has work during the embassy’s window time for applicants and i am the only one who can do it on the time provided. tia

    • Hi, please go to VFS in District 1. It will take 5 working days to process your visa as a family. A recent family picture is needed. The consulate will give you 5 years even you did not apply for it and only if you are eligible.

  • Hi. Im living in VN for a year now and just doing visa run every 3 months. My husband do have a working contract but no working visa yet.
    I want to apply for JP tourist visa but some of those requirements you’ve mentioned I don’t have.
    Would I have an advantage if I show them my multiple US visa and my multiple AU visa instead?
    Thank you.

    • I don’t know why you mentioned your husband, is he coming with you to Japan?
      The Japanese embassy only accepts foreign residents of Vietnam. In short, you need the blue residence card or “The Tam Tru” for you to apply, plus the work permit.

  • Hello!
    I have TRC which will expire on Sept 2020.
    I still do not have work permit (new employer)
    But i plan to go to Japan on end of April
    My vietnam bank account has sufficient funds
    Also, I have NSO birth certificate, not PSA

    Please reply. Thank you

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