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Binago Ng Biyahe Ang Aking Buhay

Traveling back in time.
Mga pagbabago sa aking buhay mula nang ako'y maglakbay.

I was one of the people walking in the busy streets of Makati a few years ago. Getting myself stuck in traffic just to go to work and get paid was my boring daily routine. I usually stay longer in office to avoid the rush hours, sitting on my desk browsing the internet while having a social life can be expensive.

Until I decided to book a flight and travel somewhere. I still remember myself searching on Google on how to board my flight all the way from the airport’s entrance and the feeling of flying for the first time. Since then, whether I get myself lost in the jungle, or explore megacities, I learned so many things and met great people that gradually changed my life in so many ways.

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I became less judgmental and more compassionate

I visited many parts of China. I can tell that the Chinese are friendly and helpful people and away from political stress. They don’t speak and understand English most of the time but will do any effort to help you out.

Ask a direction from one guy and he’ll borrow a bicycle and take you there personally. There’s this guy who speaks a little English I asked for direction and since he couldn’t help, he asked five more people and eventually found the place I was looking.

Every guest house we stayed offered authentic tea. Sometimes when we eat in a restaurant, they will always try to give us their specialty as a gratitude of visiting their country.

Before I traveled to China, I have so many negative opinions like how mainstream media portrayed about the country. An accusation such as territorial dispute is one of them, in which, 99% of 1.4 billion Chinese has nothing to do with it.

I will never forget those nomads from Tibet as they shared a magnificent history and culture that gave me a deeper understanding of people and that we are all the same despite we live in different lands.

We talked about opinions in general but traveling will surprisingly change it. It’ll make you appreciate all races, be it a nomad or people living in the city.

Improved my spiritual health

I feel happy meeting other nationality that has the same principles with me. Hearing their experiences especially the challenges in exercising their faith motivates me.

Although they were from different parts of the world and spoke languages I partially understand, I sensed their love for me and their eagerness to help. I felt closer to my spiritual family than ever before.

I became a nature lover

Stepping in an incredible paradise that you can never find anywhere else in the world is truly rewarding. My recent visit to Vietnam and China opened my mind of how beautiful our planet is.

Zhangjiajie Forest, with its unique rock formation, is one of the most spectacular nature of China. Its scenery is breathtaking, especially in foggy weather. The forest will remind you of the legendary planet of Pandora in James Cameron’s movie, Avatar.

Another one is Phong Nha Ke Bang in Vietnam, home of unspoiled stunning caves. British explorers recently discovered Son Doong, did the first expedition of what is known to be the largest cave in the world.

It makes me feel better to escape from the city and immerse myself in nature. Traveling to these incredible natural wonders will teach you a lot of ways on how to preserve and prevent it from destruction. With its beauty, it’ll make you hate people trying to destroy it for their benefit.

Travel widen my perspective and globalized my social life

I won a lot of friends, and I had a great time crashing with them. You will be missed these people by the time you leave but thanks to the advent of the internet, you reconnect and stay in touch and be friends forever.

I feel amazed and excited to arrive in a country with friends waiting outside to welcome and pick me up. Without them, I won’t be able to experience the lifestyle of the locals. And I’d be happy to do the same when they go visit my country. But, there’s more than that.

Having friends from different countries will teach you more about other cultures and customs. I had many fascinating conversations with them during travel or in social media, covering topics such as how much is the living cost in Singapore, why Indians have markings on their forehead and geopolitics in Asia.

Travel lead me to great opportunities

I worked for an American firm in Manila for three years, and it requires me to commute for an average of 3 hours daily due to heavy traffic. It was hard for me to do things I like and wasted plenty of money, time and productivity in this bustling metropolis.

I fell in love with Vietnam and decided to stay longer. I got a flexible job with the help of my Vietnamese friends. Here, you won’t have to think if there will be a big pile up on the highway and I can do things I wanted to do that eventually changed my work-life balance.

It makes me more creative

I’ve been to Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong multiple times and I can say that the country achieved a sophisticated urban planning that makes me ask, why we can’t do this and that at home?

I’m aware that a large urban planning is not cheap and an easy task to do but seeing these results from other countries tends you to come up with useful ideas.

That spending time abroad allows me to see things I never saw fresh from my eyes and learn stuff I never heard. Indeed, travel gave me inspiration and change the way I think and create things.

I’m happier

These are just some of the sequence of events happened to me that makes me a happier person than before. It helped me get rid of negativity, appreciate all the things around me and got a further understanding of the world.

I hope I was able to encourage the one reading this to get out and see a little bit of what’s outside. We only live once, and life isn’t just about staying in a little corner of this planet.

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