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Apply 1 year multiple entry visa to China for Filipinos – here’s my experience

The easiest visa application I ever had.

I’ve been to China multiple times and every visit was great.

I plan to go back China this month and send my application in Ho Chi Minh City for a single tourist visa but due to time constraint and that I have a 3-day business meeting in Davao Oriental, I decided to apply at the Chinese Consulate General in Davao City and make it one year multiple instead.

The first day, I submitted the required documents listed on their website and authorised someone to submit my application. The consulate did not accept my application the first day and is asking for an explanation letter why I need a multiple entry visa, a requirement not listed on their website.

I immediately sent my handwritten explanation letter to the authorised person the second day together with other documents. They finally accepted my application.

I was able to go back to Davao City on the third day. I personally went to the consulate, gave them the claim stub and pay PHP 5,900 for the 1 year multiple entry tourist visa and the express 2-day processing fee. I was able to exit the consulate after 10 minutes.

Chinese consulate has this habit of sticking visas somewhere in the middle so there was a little bit of concern when browsing the empty pages of my passport that time but I ended up exiting the consulate with a smile on my face.

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