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Which countries offers Working Holiday Visa for Vietnamese Citizen?



Working Holiday visa requirements might change. If you wish to apply for a visa, you should always do more research about your current case or situation.

A working holiday visa allows Vietnamese passport holder travel while having a job in a country. They are offered with different agreements between countries. Find out what countries offer Working Holiday Visa for nationals of Vietnam.

Countries offering Working Holiday Visas

South Korea

Vietnamese nationals can go in South Korea through SWAP program via International Youth Exchange. This is quite a unique program as you will be exchanged with a certain family member abroad.

Both Working Holiday Visa and SWAP program will be all about cultural exchange. However, Working Holiday Visa is more flexible compared to SWAP.

There is a USD 300 application fee and is refundable if there is no suitable match family found.


Currently, Australian citizen can have a 1-year working holiday visa in Vietnam. However, Vietnamese is not eligible for the mean time but there are ongoing talks between the two countries about having a working holiday visa this time for Vietnamese nationals. The foreign ministry of Vietnam proposed the early signing of the agreement last year. Announcements will be posted at the Border and Immigration Department website of Australia.

We’ll update this post once announcement from the Australian Government has been published.

New Zealand

Vietnamese nationals are allowed to stay 1 year in New Zealand. You must have enough funds to support your stay in the country. Eligible applicants such as fresh graduates from a university are encouraged to apply.

The application process can be done online at the New Zealand Immigration website. Note that there are only limited slots available and not all applicants will be accepted. Statistics is telling us that fresh graduate applicants have great chances of visa approval.

Application for Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand is currently closed.

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  • Thanks for sharing nice information. Australia is also one of the country which offers tourist visa for the applicants applying from Vietnamese citizens

  • Vietnamese citizens can now apply for a working holiday visa. their are currently lots of Vietnamese citizens in Austral on a working holiday visa 462. as of March 2022.

  • Vietnamese citizens can now apply for a working holiday visa in Australia. Their are currently lots of Vietnamese citizens in Australia on working holiday visa 462 as of march 2022.

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