Visa Free Countries for Filipinos (Interactive Map)

Countries that offers visa-free entry to Philippine passport holders.(Updated March 17, 2017)

PH passport is currently ranked 57th in the number of countries it can visit without a visa. Currently, Philippine passport holders will have access to 82 countries without an advanced visa.

It is likely that Japan and South Korea will offer visa-free entry to Filipinos at the right time.

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PH Philippines List of visa-free countries for Filipinos.
KH Cambodia Visa Free – 21 Days
BO Bolivia Visa Free – 90 Days
BR Brazil Visa Free – 90 Days
BN Brunei Visa Free – 14 Days
CO Colombia Visa Free – 90 days on arrival can extend another 90 days for 180 days total.
CR Costa Rica Visa Free – 30 days upon arrival can extend for total of 90 days
HR Croatia Visa Free – 90 days for valid visa holders or residents of the Schengen member states only.
DM Dominica Visa Free – 21 Days
DO Dominican Republic Visa Free – 30 Days for Canadian PR holders only.
EC Ecuador Visa Free – 90 Days
FJ Fiji Visa Free – 4 Months
GM Gambia Visa Free – 90 Days
HT Haiti Visa Free – 3 Months
ID Indonesia Visa Free – 30 Days
IL Israel Visa Free – 3 Months
JM Jamaica Visa Free – 6 Months for Canadian PR holders only.
JM Japan Visa Required – Application Procedure for Japan Tourist Visa
KR South Korea Visa Free – 30 Days in Jeju Island only. A 5 day visa-free access to mainland will be implemented on June 2017. Maximum of 3 days visa free on transit.
LA Laos Visa Free – 30 Days
LB Lebanon Visa Free – negotiations in progress.
MG Madagascar Visa Free – 30 Days
MY Malaysia Visa Free – 30 Days
MX Mexico Visa Free – for Canadian and US PR holders only.
FM Micronesia Visa Free – 30 Days
MN Mongolia Visa Free – 14 Days
MA Morocco Visa Free – 90 Days
MM Myanmar Visa Free – 14 Days
PE Peru Visa Free – 183 Days
RW Rwanda Visa Free – 90 Days
VC St. Vincent & Grenadines Visa Free – 1 Month
RS Serbia Visa Free – 90 Days for US/Swiss/EU PR or visa holders only.
SC Seychelles Visa Free – 3 Months
SG Singapore Visa Free – 30 Days
SI Slovenia Visa Free for Schengen visa holders only.
SR Suriname Visa Free – 90 Days
TH Thailand Visa Free – 30 Days
VU Vanuatu Visa Free – 30 Days
VN Vietnam Visa Free – 21 Days. E-Visa for 30 Days
TW Taiwan Visa Free – 30 Days starting June 1 2017
MO Macau Visa Free – 30 Days
HK Hong Kong Visa Free – 30 Days
CY Cyprus Visa Free – 3 Months in Northen Cyprus only.
CK Cook Islands Visa Free – 31 Days
PN Pitcairn Islands Visa Free – 14 Days
CN China Filipino citizens may travel without a visa to Hainan and Guilin. Visa on arrival for Shenzhen. Application Requirements for Filipinos who wish to visit mainland China.
AG Antigua & Barbuda Electronic Visa
AU Australia Electronic Entry Visa
CI Cote d’Ivoire Electronic Entry Visa
GA Gabon Electronic Entry Visa
GE Georgia Electronic Entry Visa
IN India Electronic Entry Visa
KE Kenya Electronic Entry Visa
KN St. Kitts and Nevis Electronic Entry Visa
ST Sao Tome and Princie Electronic Entry Visa
LK Sri Lanka Electronic Entry Visa
ZM Zambia Electronic Entry Visa
ZW Zimbabwe Electronic Entry Visa
MS Montserrat Electronic Entry Visa
AM Armenia Visa on arrival
CV Cape Verde Visa on arrival
KM Comoros Visa on arrival
DJ Djibouti Visa on arrival
GW Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival
IR Iran Visa on arrival
KG Kyrgyzstan Visa on arrival
MW Malawi Visa on arrival
MV Maldives Visa on arrival
MH Marshal Islands Visa on arrival
MR Mauritania Visa on arrival
MZ Mozambique Visa on arrival
NP Nepal Visa on arrival
NI Nicaragua Visa on arrival
PW Palau Visa on arrival
PG Papua New Guinea Visa on arrival
LC St. Lucia Visa on arrival
WS Samoa Visa on arrival
TJ Tajikistan Visa on arrival
TZ Tanzania Visa on arrival
TL Timor Leste Visa on arrival
TG Togo Visa on arrival
TT Trinidad and Tobago Visa on arrival
TV Tuvalu Visa on arrival
UG Uganda Visa on arrival