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The Quick Escape – a blog by Dean Cueto

The Quick Escape Travel Blog
Dean Cueto - Author of The Quick Escape
Dean is passionate on exploring new things, diving to the unknown and never ending quest for happiness. He travel the world w/ people who are adventurous, patient & willing to take risks.


Meet my friend, Dean Cueto. Mechanical Engineer by profession and travels for passion. Dean can do a lot of things – sing, dance, compose songs, play badminton, volleyball, tennis among other sports. But right now, he is into travel blogging. He wanted to travel the world with people willing to take risks, patient and adventurous. My friend have an itch for exploring new things, diving to the unknown, and thirst for a never ending quest for happiness. His blog, The Quick Escape talks a lot about it.

Dean also provide hasslefree tours through Tripidito.

About The Quick Escape

This travel blog mainly focus on exploring the Philippine Islands the best way without breaking the bank. It provides guide and information on unspoiled places to visit in the country.

Majority of interesting places Dean is writing are nature and sights that is rarely found online and how it can help travelers escape from bustling Metropolitan Manila.

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