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Local foods we tried in Dali

Most of the food we tried in Dali were the grilled ones.

We really enjoyed Dali so much. Glad we decided to stop here for one day before heading to Lijiang. There are great places to visit in Dali and there are also good food to eat.

Restaurants can be found near tourist spots. They offer common Chinese meal and food that is only available in Dali City. My bad I did not take note of different names of the food you can find here.


We walked for 5 minutes from our hotel to the ancient village. There you can find people selling noodles and it’s only available in the morning. Four of us tried many flavors of noodle soup. They can serve it in less than 5 minutes.

Each noodle soup, whatever flavor it is only cost 8 CNY. It’s really good to have the noodles outside in a little corner of a street and in a sweet cold morning.

Erhai Lake Soup?

People here visit places beside the lake to take photos and for recreation. This is the time you can find vendors selling this special kind of soup that you can only find in Dali. We stopped beside the lake and tried this sweet soup. It’s so delicious that I forgot its name.

I'll appreciate is somebody can provide details about this soup from Dali.
I’ll appreciate is somebody can provide details about this soup from Dali.

I tried asking what’s the jelly thing they put on that soup but nobody understands. They just told me the name of that famous soup, which I forgot.

Breakfast before going to Lijiang

The next morning, we eat our breakfast in a street full of restaurants. It is 10 minutes drive from the railway station. We full our stomach so we don’t have to eat lunch on our way to Lijiang. I guess what we eat is brunch and not a breakfast but anyway, here’s the food we ordered for 55 CNY.

Lunch at Jin Gui Si Village

There is a place in Erhai Lake where you can find many food options. It’s located near the Haishe Park where people go for recreation and the best spot to take photos of the whole Erhai Lake.

We eat our lunch in a small restaurant with the view of the lake. They have meals that taste the same in our homes countries.

You can also buy some local snack around. Like this locally made pizza and some dried fresh water food. There are also fruit jams and some locally made products available.

After eating our delicious lunch, we drive straight to another town on the other side of the lake. It took us almost 1 hour to reach the place.

Foods at Shuanglang Village

Upon arrival, traffic is building up in the place since many people go here to visit. To our surprise, there are plenty of local foods here. Most of them were grilled. Prices are ranging from 5 to 30 CNY.

We spent 3 hours in this little village of Shuanglang. Tried many activities and went to interesting places. We also complete the day eating our dinner in this lovely village before heading back to our hotel which will take 2 hours driving to the other side, circling the whole Erhai Lake.

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