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How to apply Chinese Tourist Visa outside the Philippines (OFW and Filipino Tourists)

Filipinos are required to get a Tourist Visa to enter mainland China (except Shenzhen and Hainan, Hong Kong and Macau). Getting a Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines is easy if done right.

I am an OFW in Vietnam and I got my second China Tourist Visa at the Chinese Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.

Requirements for OFW

Filipinos with valid visa or residence in a certain country can apply for a tourist visa at Chinese Consulate or Embassies near you, note that some of them don’t have consular service for foreign residence, it’s best for you to phone them up to verify.

Requirements are the same back in the Philippines. All you need is to bring the following:

  • Tourist Visa Basic Requirements
  • For OFW – bank statement must be from a local bank where you are currently working
  • Work Permit and Visa (Original and Copy) – submit this if you don’t have residence card
  • Foreign Residence Card (Original and Copy) – this if you don’t have Work or Business Visa on your passport

Note that the embassy only accepts work permit and a valid visa from the country you are applying from.

This time, I applied at the Chinese Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It took one week for me to get my visa. It would be faster if I applied in the Embassy which is located north of Vietnam.

Visa Fee

If you apply in the Philippines, you will pay ₱ 1,300 for Tourist Visa. In Vietnam, I paid around ₱ 2,800 for my Tourist Visa. I guess every country has their own pricing or maybe because I applied in a consulate?

Tell us your experience in getting Chinese Tourist Visa outside the Philippines.

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