Applying Tourist Visa Japan Question and Answer

How much money to show in my bank certificate for Japan Visa?


It will really depend on your purpose in visiting Japan.

The Japanese Embassy in Manila will also look at your itinerary so putting expensive items on it is not a good idea if you don’t have that much money to spend.

Generally, an average of 7,000 to 10,000 pesos per day in Japan is safe enough to be able to get a visa, however, it is a bad idea to put an immediate big amount of money just to show that you have a good bank balance.

Why? Because it won’t help increase your average annual or monthly balance and the embassy can verify your information anytime with your bank branch. Just be careful on your bank deposits.


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  • I’m a Peruvian national living in Los Angeles, Ca, I just went to the Japanese embassy to apply for a tourist Visa Im leaving with a friend March 21 until April 2nd 2018, I had everything they requested and it was just fine until he started going over my bank statement. He said that It shows that I don’t have enough income based on my ending balance to travel to Japan, he said it will be up to consulate based on his experience.
    So I said I’m planning to use my credit card over there and since I work for myself my statement will reflect differently once the end of the month arrives and that’s in a few days since we are at the end of February. He replied that would be best since it would reflect a more suitable amount. How much do I have to have for an approval? I appreciate his honesty but wow I never thought this would be a problem. Please advice. Thank you

  • Hi sir kung kahit pang 3rd time na po this time kame pupunta ng japan using visit relative e possible parin po ba madenied kame? Isa pa po if my both parents naman ay may work dun pero my certain about lang po cla nilagay sa bank for show money pwde parin po ba kme madenied? Thanks

  • Hi ask ko lang, do i need to give two copies of marriage cert? Since si husband ko ang mag guarantee sa amin ng anak ko. Thanks!

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